Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gentleman Start Your "Engine"

Yes, that's what Chief Arbiter - Abdul Najib Wahab (photo above) said to the  players before their first round game. Of course all chess player understand that the Chief Arbiter want them to shake hand , start the clock and play their first move but i was afraid that some "punk" will start his computer and turn their Rybka/Fritz /Shredder chess engines instead ! ...:)

Ok, that just my starter for  this year National Chess Championship which start today at Kolej Pendita Za'ba, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The first day start with a player meeting at 9.30 AM. The organizer announce that they have to start the first round at 10.30 AM due to some late registration from the players. All the players also agree to start the second round today at 3.30 PM.

Below are important points mentioned during the players meeting.


Cheif Arbiter : Abdul Najib Wahab

Arbiters : Duratul Ain
               NWM Khairunissa Wahiduddin


Players have to play at least 20 moves before agreeing to a draw. If less then that, the arbiter might declare both player lose.

Appeal Committe

1. Abdul Najib Wahab
2. Gregory Lau (MCF)
3. Abdul Haq Mohamed (UKM)


There are changes to the schedule.
  • Round 1 start at 10.30 AM instead of 9.00 AM
  • Round 2 start at 3.30 PM instead of 3.00 PM
  • Round  on Friday (18th June) will start at 8.30 AM instead of 9.00 AM
Waiting Time

Waiting time is 1 hour

Mobile Phone

Players whose mobile phone ring during game will be declare lose


Player who  wish to quit from the tournament before completing all his games have to write officially to the chief arbiter. Player who fail to do that will be banned in the next National Championship.

Andrew Ooi (Gilachess) will update about the tournament from time to time...stay tune...

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