Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 1 - Photo Report - Part 1

Day 1 ( 16th June 2010)

The Venue

The venue for the 2010 National Championship is Kolej Pendita Za'ba , Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. It is quite a convenience place with  many facilities such as cafe, small shop, ATM, surau, cybercafe, etc...
A small shop and ATM Machine at the lower ground 

A cybercafe and ....

and "none-cyber" cafe....also at the lower ground 

The Organizer

The tournament director - Abdul Haq Mohamed from UKM

Chief Arbiter - Abdul Najib Wahab

NWM Khairunnisa Wahiduddin - the arbiter in charge. She herself won the National (Woman) title way back in 1995. I forgot to take Duratul Ain photo. She   also act as  the arbiter in this tournament. I promise to take her photo tomorrow. 

A DGT board is use to show the top board game on a wide screen . The photo above show the round 2 game between ...

Loo Swee Leong  vs Lim Kian Hwa (right) 

The organizer also used the  projector and screen to show the pairings for each round 

The Kibitzer

Local resident Grand Master (GM) - Ziaur Rahman (red circle)  is among the kibitzer and he....

 ...also played a training game with NWM Khairunnisa Wahiduddin. Standing is Ziaur's wife- Sultana

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