Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 1 - Photo Report - Part 2

Razali Hamzah (Ng6) lost to the top seed - Lee Swee Leong (right) in the first round

'Orang Kuat' Negeri Sembilan's Chess  - Kamar Dani (Left) lost to ex-National Player - Mohd Saprin Sabri in round 1

Fong Mi Yen (left)  beat Najihan Mohd Saufi in the first round

NM Edward Lee (left) beat Mat Zaki Yeop in the first round 

Kelantan and Manchester United playing side by side !?

Tan Khai Boon beaten by Amri Hajar (right)

Defending Champion in Women Section- NWM Tan Li Ting beat Nur Sabrina in the first round. 

NM Edward Lee beat Mark Siew (left) in the second round 

NJM Tariq Amru (left) and newly CM - Amier Hamzah :  1-0 

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